Pokerking Asia Review Reviews

Pokerking Asia Review

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  • Crypto-friendly


  • Recreational players
  • Splashy big games
  • Straddle games


  • Chinese language
  • Limited range of game types

The Newest Asian Poker App


PokerKing Asia is an Asian poker mobile app which has some good action for NLHE games, a centralised lobby with all games in one space, and is available to players pretty much the world over. Let's take a closer look at the app with our PokerKing Asia review.

Pokerking Asia sign up bonus

The games that run are principally in a straddle + ante structure, which means some really big piles of chips going in the middle at all levels of the game on this app!

PokerKing Asia uses a centralised lobby, unlike many other poker mobile apps which feature private clubs, and all the games it offers can therefore be found in one place. There is action at 8-handed, 6-handed, and heads-up tables, and the site also offers Short Deck (6+) Hold’em. 

PokerDeals stands prepared to get you off to the best start on this or any other of our featured apps. Contact us to find out more, and get at the games today!

What games are available on PokerKing Asia?

PokerKing Asia ring game action is NLHE for the most part, and they also run some Short Deck (6+) games. Here’s the latest info:

  • No Limit Hold’em ring games, straddle + ante
  • Runs 8max and 6max games
  • Features Short Deck (6+) NL
  • Games extend from micros up to nosebleeds, 5/10+ runs regularly
  • Heads-up ring games also run

What promotions are available at PokerKing Asia?

At PokerDeals we provide all the best support for players and are constantly on the lookout for the best deals, promotions and offers. Just drop us a contact to find the best way to play online today.

Can I see my opponents’ statistics on PokerKing Asia?

PokerKing Asia has a built-in display where some player statistics can be seen, and although somewhat basic in nature, this data can be of use in determining what tables are worth sitting at. 

Are HUDs permitted on PokerKing Asia?

Neither HUD use nor the use of any other third-party software is permitted officially by PokerKing Asia.

How can I find out more about PokerKing Asia?

At PokerDeals we are happy to answer any further questions concerning PokerKing Asia. Simply get in touch. 

How do I get access to the best PokerKing Asia action?

The draw to PokerKing Asia is really the softer play as the app is full of recreational players. Therefore there is a rich spread of options available on this app when it comes to good games.

You’ll simply need to choose whether you prefer to play No Limit Hold’em, or the 6+ Short Deck variant.

How is the user interface of PokerKing Asia’s mobile app?

The PokerKing Asia app is quite reliable and easy for any beginner to navigate, although it does have the drawback of only being in Chinese.

Still it is quite easy to figure out how to play, the table action is clear, and there are nice customizations at the tables, for example, the four-colour deck. The lobby is easy to filter and navigate, with all games contained within a central lobby on this app. 

PokerKing Asia is most user-friendly for those looking to play one table at a time on a mobile device.

Can I play on PokerKing Asia via PC or Mac?

You can use an emulator to play on PokerKing Asia although this is not officially endorsed. Most players simply fire it up from their mobile phone.

How can I find out more about PokerKing Asia?

If there is anything else you’d like to ask us about PokerKing Asia please do get in touch. If you’re ready to play, come check out PokerKing Asia today!