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Pokio Review

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  • Unique app
  • Variety of payments


  • Very good cash game action especially for PLO players
  • A well-designed smartphone poker app which is a pleasure to use
  • A wide range of quick and easy deposit and withdrawal options
  • Good promos and support


  • No HUD use permitted
  • Max 1 cash table per device

Should You Go Mobile With Pokio?


Pokio is a fully licensed real-money poker app for smartphones, rapidly growing in popularity and with a lot of attractive features.

Pokio sign up bonus

Pokio is all about cash games, though it does also offer spins as well as MTTs. The biggest and wildest action is in Pot Limit Omaha and its wilder cousin, PLO5, but there’s a good amount of No Limit Hold’em to jump into as well.

Contact us at PokerDeals for full details and to quickly get set up and started playing on Pokio. We’ll get you set up with the best rakeback deals and the very best clubs for fast and loose poker action.

What games are available on Pokio?

The mainstay of the action is cash games, and there are quite a few formats available on Pokio. PLO5 in particular is hugely popular on Pokio. 

All the action at Pokio takes place in EUR, as do all deposits and withdrawals. 

Tables range in player numbers from heads-up action up to 8max. 

  • No Limit Hold’em cash games up to €10/€20
  • Pot Limit Omaha cash games up to €10/€20
  • PLO5 which is hugely popular on Pokio
  • Drawmaha, a very popular format in Sweden
  • Open-face Chinese (OFC)
  • MTTs & Spins

What promotions are available on Pokio?

Pokio runs plenty of guaranteed tournaments, as well as having freeroll events. They also run a Super Summerfest tournament series.

How can I deposit and withdraw on Pokio?

Poker has a host of regulated deposit and cashout options, thanks to being fully licensed. Payment methods may vary by location, and here’s a full list:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • ecoPayz
  • AstroPay
  • Paysafecard
  • MuchBetter
  • Interac
  • Klarna

Both deposit and withdrawal via these methods is quick and easy.

How can I find out more about Pokio?

Just hit us up at PokerDeals to quickly get you set up with the best clubs for Pokio along with the best possible rakeback offers. 

How is Pokio different from the other mobile poker apps?

Pokio has the distinction of being the very first real-money mobile poker app to be licensed out of Malta by the MGA, the Malta Gambling Authority. The company behind Pokio is Qufan Internet Technology, a strong Maltese firm with good experience in the iGaming industry.

The Pokio app has grown in popularity since its 2017 launch and offers a fine range of cash game and tournament action for those who prefer their poker action on the go, via smartphone or tablet. 

First and foremost a social poker app, Pokio is very welcoming for casual players, and makes the whole process of playing poker an entertaining one. Pokio has quite an innovative business model as it allows private clubs but with a central cashier, making depositing and withdrawing very smooth and fast. 

There are some big names playing there too, even Viktor Blom, the famous Isildur1 nosebleed cash game crusher has been known to play there. You might get to sit down with him yourself, if you can cover the blinds! Blom has his own club on Pokio. 

How is the traffic on Pokio?

Pokio traffic is still a little lower than some other popular mobile apps, but it’s steadily on the rise, thanks to a very nice user experience and the other appealing features we have outlined above.

Are the poker games on Pokio really crazy?

They could certainly be described as loose. In particular, the PLO and PLO5 games can get pretty wild, and they play with larger antes. Pokio has also done a good job of making the games a fun playing experience, especially with their use of throwables at the tables.

What is the Pokio software like?

Pokio’s platform itself boasts a highly developed and regularly updated graphical user interface. The club lobbies have convenient filters for quickly finding and joining your game of choice, and you can filter by game type, as well as number of players and stake level. 

A good amount of care has gone into Pokio’s design, and the software is pretty intuitive. Look out for our detailed video reviews of the cash game action at Pokio’s clubs coming soon, where you’ll be able to preview the interface right here. 

Pokio’s gameplay is smooth, with action buttons easily accessed and a pretty clear, clutter-free interface. You can also play with the reassurance of a fully licensed operator who is therefore able to provide good player protection and responsible gambling measures. The games are fair and run with a genuine RNG (random number generator). 

The Pokio interface has the following sections:

  • Club: Listing all your current clubs
  • Stats: Showing player stats for each game format
  • Play: Games available, divided into Cash Games, SNGs and MTTs
  • Wallet: Deposits & Withdrawals, centrally managed in the app
  • Me: Profile and account settings

Pokio has a green theme for the brand and the app itself. A spotlight illuminates the active player in a hand. 

Players possess nicknames, country locations and when clicked on, will give a pop-up detailing various HUD (heads-up display) statistics about that player, including their recent VPIP (voluntarily put money in pot), PFR (pre-flop raise) and Win Rate. You can also look up these stats for your own account in the Stats tab on the main menu.

The Pokio app plays in portrait mode, and you can also opt to have either vibration or voice prompts when it is your turn to act. There is a run it multiple times feature alongside the insurance option, so there are various ways in which you can choose to reduce variance and the chance of receiving a bad beat, if you wish to do so in-game. 

The restrictions over running it multiple times are that you may opt to do so when you have a chance of winning the hand between 50 and 98%. You can also purchase insurance at the tables in order to alleviate the impact of a bad beat on your stack at the tables. 

Can I play with a HUD on Pokio?

Pokio does not support the use of any third party HUD software, which helps to keep the recreational players coming and the games softer. 

How does the Pokio poker clubs system work?

Pokio is fully licensed for real money play via the Maltese Gaming Authority, setting it apart from many of the other apps which populate the mobile poker space. One thing it does have in common with these apps however is the offering of private clubs run by individual club owners and agents, and organized into poker unions who share player pools across multiple clubs. 

Pokio unions are actually referred to as circles, and they have made it possible for any player to form their own club, and then join a union in order to share player liquidity. The largest and most established circles on the Pokio app are based in Northern Europe, in particular Norway, Finland and Sweden, but its popularity is rapidly growing. 

It is quick and simple to join in the cash game or tournament action at Pokio. You request a Club ID from the club owner, and simply use this to request access through the Pokio app, purchase chips within the app itself and you can then begin to play immediately. 

It is certainly an awesome feature of this app when compared to the mobile gaming competition that whilst there are many different clubs to play in, they can all be managed from one central wallet. Withdrawals are quick and trouble-free, again all centralised via the Pokio app itself.

Why is Pokio getting so popular now?

Pokio’s profile is building by the day, and they’ve participated in many tournament circuits and live poker events, for example the Cash Game Festival held at a range of European locations, and also the Kings of Tallinn tournament series. They run a range of attractive promotions for their players and have many other things going for them. 

For one thing, the ease of making deposits and withdrawals from a central wallet, whether by card or by e-wallet of your choice. 

Playing against a wide range of opponents from across many countries, including celebrities of the game is also an appealing feature. 

The softness of the player pool and the number of recreational players seen even in many of the larger clubs makes the Pokio app a real contender for professional players as well as those just looking for a great game of poker. The social element is also nicely handled in the app, with cute throwables available at the tables for those moments when things don’t go your way and you need to express yourself!

How do the Pokio clubs work?

The club section of the Pokio app is so simple to use. You can view all your clubs in one convenient list, and click to enter a club’s lobby. Within the club lobby you have access to all the current tables running, as well as to the club chat. 

At PokerDeals we take pride in keeping our list updated for the very best Pokio clubs with the best poker action for all of our players - so check out the very best clubs Pokio has to offer!

We have tested out the action to find the absolute best clubs available on Pokio. We recommend registering with quite a few clubs, to ensure you always have plenty of action available in your choice of either cash games or tournaments. After all, you can use the same wallet for all games, so why not take full advantage of that feature!

How much is the rake on Pokio?

The rake on Pokio is fixed at 5% as standard and ranges from a cap of 0.3bb up to 6bb depending on the stake. The cap at the highest stakes is extremely low. As with most poker sites, there is no rake taken if the hand ends before the flop. The rakeback calculation method used is the weighted contribution method - meaning that players get rakeback for hands in which they committed funds. 

Rakeback is decided by individual club owners and ranges considerably across the different clubs, up to a maximum of around 30%.

Is it safe playing poker on Pokio?

Pokio is fully licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and holds a B2B Gaming License. This means they are fully compliant with regulations such as those dictating that player funds must be kept in segregated accounts. 

Pokio are also very strict on collusion and cheating, and have a robust security system in place to ensure fair play. Their games are dealt according to a genuine RNG ensuring a fair game at the tables.

Does Pokio work on an emulator?

While it has been lovingly built to serve on a true mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, the Pokio software will also work on an Android emulator for PC. 

Are there further verifications for withdrawals?

Unless you’re withdrawing a larger amount, over €2,000, withdrawals should go through without any additional verification. This will be required for larger sums the first time, but it is a simple account verification procedure of supplying a photo ID and a proof of address. 

Why should I sign up to Pokio through PokerDeals?

Here at PokerDeals we use our full and well-established network of poker contacts to get you in touch with the very best club owners and agents so that you can be sure you’ll be sitting at the very best real money cash games available on the Pokio app. We can also get you the very best rakeback deals available for this app. 

Where can I get more information about Pokio?

Contact us at PokerDeals to get the very best start on Pokio, with access to the best clubs and the highest rakeback.