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Winners of the Malta Poker Fest share their thoughts

The Inside Scoop on the Big Winners at the Malta Poker Fest

The autumn edition of the Malta Poker Festival ended on a high note with two fantastic players taking home some big prizes. Mirko Mostaccio was crowned the Grand Event winner , walking away with €136,670. In the CasinoCoin High Roller event , Gabriele Re bagged the win taking home €40,000. It was a fantastic tournament from start to finish, making it an event that poker players will definitely put in their calendars going forward. We caught up with the winners and got some insight into what they thought of the tournament, and what we can expect from them in the future. Mirko Mostaccio heads to Vegas The winner of the grand event at the Malta Poker Festival has big plans for his poker career. We had a chat with him to see how he felt after his big win. [PD] What did you like the most about the MPF, besides winning, of course? [MM] Besides the victory, I liked the whole organization of the tournament. Meeting old friends that I haven't seen for ages was also great. [PD] In your opinion what were the main factors that contributed to you winning the event? [MM] Just like in any live tournament, there are many factors that have to be intertwined, certainly a fundamental one was to study a lot before leaving for Malta. Then you put in 14 years of experience and a bit of luck. [PD] What does the win mean to you? How did it feel? [MM] The victory in this live tournament means a lot to me, given that I had always won large sums online but never had I managed to win such a large sum in a live event. [PD] What will you do with the money? [MM] I will certainly use a good part of it to continue playing, the rest I will dedicate to my family. [PD] Are you looking forward to your WPT experience? [MM] Yes, I can't wait! it will be my first time in Vegas, a dream come true. [PD] What's next for you? [MM] The next step is playing the WSOP this summer. Gabriele Re hunts for another trophy The winner of the CasinoCoin high roller event took home a hefty sum, and his first live event trophy. Here are some of his thoughts on his Malta Poker Fest journey. [PD] What did you like the most about the High Roller, besides winning, of course? [GR] If I'm honest, I didn't love the atmosphere of this event because I was late reg, and only started on day 2, but I liked the carelessness of the players. There was not too much stress in the High Roller, and all the players were more friendly. [PD] In your opinion what were the main factors that contributed to you winning the event? [GR] I think to win this tournament, I ran very well. I didn't play many showdowns preflop but the key hand was against YohViral where I check/jammed the river with a bluff (I turned 3rd pair in the bluff), and he called my bluff with the worst hand 🙈 [PD] What does the win mean to you? How did it feel? [GR] This win doesn't change anything in my life or my routine, but it's important because it's my first live win with a trophy 🏆🙃 so I'm really happy to have conquered it! [PD] What will you do with the money? [GR] I will not do anything in particular, just bankroll my poker journey and my life. [PD] What's next for you? [GR] I'm going to Rozvadov to play the Main Event of the WSOPE so I'm hunting for another trophy 💪🏻 Wishing these two amazing players all the best for their upcoming trips, Mirko to Vegas and Gabriel to Czech Republic. We hope to see them walk away with more titles under their belts! From the solid performances and great play, we can only expect great things from these two in the future. Good luck!

16 Nov
Gabriele re wins casinocoin high roller poker tournament

Gabriele Re is the CasinoCoin High Roller Winner

In what turned out to be an impressive field of 150 players (with re-entries), the CasinoCoin Cup High Roller finally crowned a winner in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Gabriele Re beat his heads-up opponent Renato Messina to lock up his first prize of €40,000. CasinoCoin High Roller winner, Gabriele Re Final Table at the Malta Poker Festival CasinoCoin High Roller Event The final table of the CasinoCoin High Roller event at the Malta Poker Festival It was a cracker of a final table with some well-known poker faces gracing the table. Johan Guilbert, better known as YoH ViraL is a Malta resident, and no stranger to the final table of big events. Re held it together, though, taking home the grand prize, as well as a trophy for his efforts. The prizes were as follows: Place Name Prize # 1 GABRIELE RE 40,000.00 # 2 RENATO MESSINA 26,000.00 # 3 JOHAN GUILBERT 18,000.00 # 4 KOENMEUTSTEGE 13,000.00 # 5 ANGELO VIETTI 9,100.00 # 6 EDVALDAS SKYRIUS 7,100.00 # 7 THOMAS LANGELAND 5,400.00 # 8 YOSSEF IFERGAN 4,500.00 # 9 CHRISTOPHER CALVERT 4,000.00 Renato Messina: Second Place YoH ViraL: Third Place Casino Coin Bounties Along with the amazing high roller prize money, players also had the opportunity to win 1 million CasinoCoin (CSC). CasinoCoin is a digital currency, developed specifically for the regulated gaming industry. Five players had big red casino coin stickers and carried bounties of 1 million CSC. It added an extra something tasty to the already prestigious tournament, giving players the chance to bag a little extra. All bounty players were eliminated on day one. Well done to all the players who took part in this awesome event. Let's hope the next Malta Poker Festival high roller attracts even more players for even juicier prizes! We'll see you at the tables, until next time.

1 Nov
Grand event malta poker festival day 2

The Grand Event of the Malta Poker Festival Draws to a Close

Day 2 of the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event drew to a close on Sunday with 39 players left in the running. It's been a fantastic event, attracting over 1,300 entries and subsequently crushing the €500k guarantee. The elevated prize pool of €636,480 has been divvied out to the top 143 players with the big money places still to come. Stefan Alvetjärn leads the tournament with a hefty 5,250,000 chips, having been consistent throughout the tournament. He went through on day 1a with a just-above-average stack and has played solidly to gain his lead of just over 1M chips. Second is Humberto Galindo with 4,240,000. We can finally announce our top 10 PokerDeals Last Longer winners! We have ten players left in the tournament after day 2 who are all guaranteed a prize. Yippee! Chip Leader Stefan Alvetjärn PokerDeals Last Longer Race Finalists It's been a fun tournament all round, and the last longer race has had fantastic participation among the players. We have come to the end of the tournament with 9 of our players still remaining in the final day. We lost our tenth player, Ted Johansson, last night. Well done to all of our winners! Rimko Meijer Artūras Bliūdžius Mike Alonso Thomas Harnes Humberto Galindo Stefan Alvetjärn Ted Johansson Raimondo Marcello Rimko Meijer Emanuele Onnis Chip Counts Going into the Final Day Good luck to the final players! Check out the draw below, and may the flop be with you! Lastname Firstname Chips Table Seat 1 GAINES GLEN 3,290,000 1 1 2 ONNIS EMANUELE 760,000 1 2 3 MOSTACCIO MIRKO ANTONINO 1,615,000 1 3 4 D'ALTERIO LUIGI 2,705,000 1 4 5 AKADIRI KOLADE CHARLES 1,675,000 1 5 6 FORLEO ALESSANDRO 720,000 1 6 7 ROSE CRAIG LEE 2,300,000 1 7 8 VREUGDENHILL CORNELIS PETER 130,000 1 8 9 LA CAVA ALESSANDRO 3,560,000 2 1 10 DESCHUYTTER TOM 625,000 2 2 11 CAMPBELL LEON JAMES 2,150,000 2 3 12 GROOTELAAR JOHANNES ANTONIUS 995,000 2 4 13 MAGLIANELLA SIMONE RAFFAELE 3,680,000 2 5 14 HOPKIN SEAN 1,300,000 2 6 15 IANNACO DAVIDE 3,235,000 2 7 16 COHEN YOSSEF 190,000 2 8 17 MARCELLO RAIMONDO 1,050,000 3 1 18 MOREAU JEROME 3,940,000 3 2 19 CUTAJAR ANDREW 3,005,000 3 3 20 PAILLOT SYLVERE FELIX 1,800,000 3 4 21 UWE MATTHIAS 1,175,000 3 5 22 REMMERDE HENDRIK 515,000 3 6 23 HARNES THOMAS SAMUELSEN 1,700,000 3 7 24 SANTINI ALESSANDRO 1,195,000 3 8 25 MARINELLI DARIO 1,640,000 4 1 26 BLIUDZIUS ARTURAS 1,950,000 4 2 27 MATUSCHEK TOBIAS 1,090,000 4 3 28 TORP JOHAN NILS 625,000 4 4 29 MEIJER RIMKO 1,300,000 4 5 30 ALONSO MIKE GEORGES 1,600,000 4 6 31 TALVARD ANTOINE JEREMY 1,750,000 4 7 32 ALVETJARN LARS STEFAN 5,250,000 4 8 33 DE WEVER RAF 1,615,000 5 1 34 RUCHE JEAN 3,125,000 5 3 35 SMITH STEVEN 880,000 5 4 36 SCHALLOCK CAROLINE 805,000 5 5 37 METZ KARL HEINZ DIETER 685,000 5 6 38 CLARKE JAMES MICHAEL 1,385,000 5 7 39 LOPES GALINDO HUMBERTO JORGE 4,240,000 5 8

31 Oct
Ladies First Tournament Malta Poker Festival

Roll out the Pink Carpet for the Ladies First at Malta Poker Fest!

It was a gorgeous event at the Malta Poker Festival with Katie Swift hosting the Ladies First tournament . A not-so-shabby turnout of 100 women entered with Elizabeth Reeves bagging a first-place win of €2,500. It was a fun evening filled with champaign and cards, what more could a girl ask for? 😉 Ladies First Winner - Elizabeth Reeves The Final Table at the Ladies First Event It was a strong final table at the ladies' event with a few seasoned players taking their seats. The tournament was essentially a turbo event with 20-minute blinds, and the final table took about 90 minutes to complete. The game concluded in quick succession with third place Mary Kerr getting it in with 10c8d and being called by Qh2h. She didn't improve and left the game with €1,160 for her efforts. In the very next hand, the money went all in again between the final two players, Jennifer Stodart and Elizabeth Reeves . Stodart was holding 9s9d and Reeves AsJd. The window card produced a Jh, and Stodart couldn't find either of her two outers to take the hand back. Elizabeth Reeves, the overwhelming chip leader for much of the final table, walked away victorious with Stodart in second. Place Name Prize #1 Elizabeth Reeves €2,500 #2 Jennifer Stodart €1,720 #3 Mary Kerr €1,160 #4 Juliane Aram Papazian €850 #5 Debbie Zammit €650 #6 Asa Elisabeth Holmberg €500 #7 Lisbeth Sunde €400 #8 Kimberly B Kilroy €330 #9 Franky Green €280 #10 Olga Orlova €250 Juliane Aram Papazian with her signature card protectors Third place winner - Mary Kerr Second place winner - Jennifer Stodart It was really a fantastic event, and I'm sure many of the ladies will look very forward to coming back next time for another amazing tournament. We look forward to seeing some of the friendly faces back next year. Katie Swift was ever the gracious host, giving encouragement and cheers throughout the night to all of the wonderful women taking part.

30 Oct
Malta Poker Festival PokerDeals Last Longer

Win your Seat to the Next Malta Poker Festival with the PokerDeals Last Longer!

The Malta Poker Festival Autumn edition is here! And we have some amazing prizes to give away in the PokerDeals last longer event ! How incredible that even as you compete to win this Grand Event , you'll be in for a chance at entering the very next Malta Poker Festival free of charge , if you can only outlast the other entrants in our exclusive PokerDeals Last Longer poker competition. With loads of other amazing prizes sponsored by Betsson and Deepsolver , you're in for a treat this MPF! The autumn Malta Poker Festival is featuring a monster Grand Event; a €550 multiple-day 1 entry €500k Guaranteed. The event will be running all week here at the Portomaso Casino , and if the spring festival is anything to go by, it's a tournament not to miss out on. Marthijn Lakerveld , winner of the previous tournament, took home a hefty €71k, and the autumn edition promises to be bigger and better! PokerDeals Last Longer Here at PokerDeals we like to go all in for our players, so we're adding a little guarantee on top of that €500k, just for you. Please note: this promotion relates only to the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event , and you'll need to wear your patch/sticker for the duration of the event to qualify. It does, however, apply to each and every flight in the Grand Event (Day 1a, 1b, etc.), so you have lots of chances to win! We have a load of amazing prizes to give away, with first place taking home a €550 ticket to the next Malta Poker Festival Grand Event! How to Enter the Last Longer Competition In order to participate, simply follow these steps: Sign up here ! Verify your email address (check your spam folder) Make sure that your FULL NAME is entered correctly on your registered PokerDeals account. Remember that in order to qualify for the prizes you must wear your PokerDeals Last Longer patch at all times while playing in the Grand Event ! Be sure to enter no later than two hours after your stamped reg time to be eligible for prizes. If you have previously signed up, all you have to do is send us an email at [email protected] and let us know you will be taking part in the last longer event. You can also pop us a message on any of our social media pages. We'll be posting regular updates on all the action amongst our Last Longer players throughout the event on the PokerDeals Facebook Page , so be sure to check it out to see how you're standing! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages during this event, as we'll be covering the Ladies First tournament as well as the High Roller event . Without further ado, good luck at the Grand Event in the autumn edition of the Malta Poker Festival! With any luck, we'll see you at the Final Table! MPF Spring Edition last longer winner, Federico Petruzzelli . View Full Terms and Conditions here...

19 Oct
pokerking pko venom

Are You Ready for the PokerKing Venom PKO Tournament?

PokerKing is rolling out another Venom Tournament, this time a $5M guaranteed PKO . With the success of their last Venom series, this one is sure to be a knockout, so to speak 😉. The tournament will have a total buy-in of $2,650 of which $1,250 will be placed as the starting bounty and $1,250 will go to the prize pool. There are over 1,000 satellites for the Venom PKO Tournament, so there are more than enough flops to go around! Details of the Venom PKO Tournament With so many satellites available, it's no wonder there will be four day 1s . The flights will run from the 20th October to the 30th October; one day before the main event (day 2) begins on the 31st October. Venom PKO Day 1 Details: Day 1A - 20 October at 19:05PM CET Day 1B - 23 October at 19:05PM CET Day 1C - 27 October at 19:05PM CET Day 1D - 30 October at 18:05PM CET Starting Stack: 300,000 (187.5 bb) Starting bounty: $1,250 Levels: 20 minutes Late reg: 18 levels Re-entries: Unlimited Duration: 28 levels (9hrs 20 mins excluding breaks) *Note : Once you have qualified for day 2, you will be unable to enter another day 1. How do I enter the Venom PKO Tournament? Once you have signed up to PokerKing , the rest is pretty simple. With satellites ranging from as little as $0.11 (for steps) to $215, you get to pick your poison and get involved. Once you're in the lobby, all you have to do is: Select the 'Tourney' tab Select the 'Venom' tab From there, you can choose what stakes you would like to play at, and the various options available. Different Types of Satellites Available in the Venom PKO You will find three main types of satellites to the main event of the Venom PKO Tournament: VenomFever Sat 12 min blinds, 3 hours late reg, starting stack of 8k VenomFever Turbo Sat 5 min blinds, 2 hours late reg, starting stack 25k VenomFever Hyper Sat 5 minute blinds, 50 mins late reg, starting stack 2.5k You may come across the tags MEGA and MONSTER . Mega satellites will offer 5 guaranteed seats , and a Monster satellite has a guarantee of 10 seats . You will also find step satellites which are regular sit & go tournaments with a starting buy in of $0.11 for step 1. You can make your way all the way to step 9 by winning tickets, or using your Venom Skips. What is a PKO Tournament? A PKO tournament, or progressive knockout , is a tournament that makes use of player bounties. In a typical bounty tournament, players can win bounties from other players who they manage to knock out. It makes for interesting play, as an all-in moment can have a slightly different effect on players' calling ranges. Players tend to make looser calls in order to get lucky and pick up a bounty. A PKO is a type of bounty tournament, although instead of having a fixed amount as a player's bounty, the bounty increases with each person the player knocks out . Generally, if someone gets eliminated, half of their bounty will go to the player who beat them, and half would go to the winning player's bounty, making them more enticing to knock out. For example: You have a $200 bounty and y ou knock out a player with a $200 bounty. You instantly win $100, and your bounty becomes $300. Follow the Venom PKO Tournament Action This is sure to be an awesome tournament to get involved in. If the prior Venom tournaments from PokerKing are anything to go by, this one should bring loads of action. Of course, the $5M guarantee doesn't hurt. The final table will be broadcast live on twitch with all whole cards revealed and a 30 min delay. Who will be crowned the PokerKing Venom PKO champion? Keep up to date with the latest poker happenings and entertainment on our Facebook group or stop by our Insta page .

4 Oct

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