18 Remain In the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event: Day 3 Chip Counts

2 May

Just 18 players remain standing at the end of this long Day 2 in the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event, playing out 12 levels across the day and seeing numerous poker pros and recreational players alike bite the dust.

The largest stack leading the field for going into Day 3 is Polish player Pawel Zawadowicz who by the end of the night had put together an impressive stack of 7,820,000, over 2 million ahead of the next player in the leaderboard.

Only two contenders for the PokerDeals Last Longer promotion now remain standing out of the remaining 18, and these are Robert Lim from the United Kingdom, working a stack of 2,020,000 chips, and Italian Federico Petruzzelli, sitting on 2,385,000. With blinds ending for Day 2 at an eye-watering 40k/80k with an 80k BB ante, a mere 4.5bbs currently separate these players.

Who will capture the free ticket for the next Malta Poker Festival Grand Event, and who will be left winning the runner-up prize of an awesome PokerDeals hoodie? 

Only Day 3 will tell, and we’ll also find out who will win the first prize in this Grand Event, an awesome €71,000!

Here is the full seat draw for Day 2 of the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event:

Malta Poker Festival Grand Event
Day 3 Chipcount

Entries: 1.014 Players left: 18


12SIMON GYORGI1,685,000
13CHEUNG HO TIEN1,670,000

PokerDeals Live Reporting will be covering the latest as we head into the Final Day of this Grand Event. We also put up a ton more photos and videos of the event, over on our PokerDeals Facebook Page!

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Daniel Lakerveld Ships Malta Poker Festival Grand Event for €71,000

He's had a wild ride to get here, and besting a field of 1,014 entrants Daniel Lakerveld has done it, he has gone on to take it down in first place after eliminating Simon Gyorgy heads-up. The end game was surprisingly fast and brutal in this one, with players busting out almost ceaselessly late on Sunday evening as they played down to 18 . Our PokerDeals Last Longer winner was finally crowned, as Robert Lim was eliminated in 17th place when his K ♦ T ♦ couldn't hold up against James Clarke's Q♠J♠ . This made Federico Petruzzelli the winner of a free entry to the very next Malta Poker Festival Grand Event (as well as a PokerDeals hoodie of course!). Petruzzelli himself was also sadly eliminated in 13th place when his A♠6♠ could not catch up with Chris da Silva's 9♣9 ♥ . Federico Petruzzelli - PokerDeals Last Longer Winner! One by one today across those first hours of play the field fell away until it teetered on the very brink of the final table - just one player left to go out for the final table of nine to be formed. It was James Clarke's fate to be that man, although you might argue he made that fate himself. In a limped pot good for 480k , Clarke checked back the 5♣2 ♦ with composure but then on the T ♥ T♠5 ♦ flop the Brit opted to rip almost 4x the pot with his remaining stack, giving Silva, who held T♣7 ♦ , a very easy chip-up with his hand. The 8 ♦ , 4 ♦ runout did absolutely nothing for him, and Clarke walked out as the Final Table bubble, 10th for €5,500 . James Clarke When Polish player Piotr Tuczynski got dealt QcJc in the Big Blind early on in the final table of nine he had two options, facing a 400k min-bet from Chris da Silva . He could flat or he could jam, with his 17bbs . Both fine options. He chose the latter, and he might have regretted it shortly thereafter as he ran straight into da Silva's A ♥ Q ♥ . The Q♠8♣6 ♦ 4 ♥ 6♣ runout could not help him, and he went home in ninth with €6,500 for his troubles. Piotr Tuczynski Nicolay Langfeldt from Norway had just got short. Like really short. With no time to waste, he put his last 425k , less than 2bbs at time time, into the pot with K ♦ J ♦ , met Georgios Ninis' A♠9♠ in the middle, and could not win the standoff, losing as he did on an A ♥ 8 ♦ T ♦ T ♥ 5 ♥ board and exiting in eighth with a €7,500 payday. Nicolay Langfeldt In a similar story UK player Stephen Kane got his last 4 bigs in facing a min-open from da Silva on the Button and sitting in the Big Blind. He was met with an ace under ace situation - his A♣6 ♦ against da Silva's much prettier A♠T♠ , and the T♣6♣7 ♦ J♠ Q♠ runout was nothing more than a tease. Kane busted in seventh with €9,000 to mop up his tears. Stephen Kane Polish Pawel Zawadowicz was powering through at the end of Day 2, as Chip Leader coming into today, but he had to put his last chips in the middle sometime, and this was the moment, as he looked down at A ♥ K ♥ . A shove, he decided, with just south of 12bbs in his 3.5 million chip stack . He was in the Cutoff , it might certainly look weaker than an open to some players. Lakerveld had too good a hand to think twice, with 8 ♥ 8♠ on the Button. The two players flipped it out, and Lakerveld landed on his feet, with a T ♦ 6♠2♠ flop making him a firm favourite. The turn and river brought nothing but a Jack and a five of ♠ s for the Pole, and the pain of elimination, and he walked out in sixth, taking home €11,000 with him. Pawel Zawadowicz Greek Georgios Ninis had been playing a solid game. He got it in on this final table in an excellent spot, A ♦ 5 ♦ on a 9 ♥ 2♣5♣ 5♠ board against a worse five, exactly what you want. Gyorgi Simon was the other involved, stuck in there with just T ♥ 5 ♥ . Then a miracle - the T♠ ! With very even stacks Ninis was struck out in fifth in a huge near 9 million chip pot. Ninis took away €14,000 in winnings from this one. Georgios Ninis Dutch player Jasper van Moorsel got it in in very fine shape with his J♣J♠ blind vs. blind against Simon Gyorgy's Q♣7 ♥ , but it was his turn to run bad as a Q ♥ in the window followed by a 5♣2 ♥ K♠ K♣ spelled the end for van Moorsel and had him out in fourth, cashing for €18,000 . Jasper van Moorsel When Simon Gyorgy put his 10 million stack in the middle from the Button and it folded to British player Chris da Silva's Big Blind , da Silva decided this was the spot to take a stand, and called it off with A ♥ 3♠ . Gyorgy showed down 4♣4♠ for the best hand preflop, and just to make the point, boated up on a Q♣8♣4 ♦ 8 ♦ 6 ♦ board runout. Da Silva, a live Pokerstars Pro, has to settle for third place this time, and €25,000 . Chris da Silva There had been some talk of a deal at three, and at two players remaining, but in the end no deal was struck, and Hungarian Simon Gyorgy would square up against Dutch player Daniel Lakerveld heads-up, playing for the trophy and a final pay-jump of €28,000 . The heads-up was, like the final table itself, to be relatively short-lived and dramatic, with the two players entering level 34 with roughly even stacks at 25-26 million apiece. With blinds at 300k/600k Lakerveld min-opened and Gyorgy called to see a T♠5 ♦ 3 ♥ flop, on which Lakerveld continuation bet 600k and Gyorgy called. The 8♣ turn was checked by both players, but on the 5♠ river something overtook both players. First of all Gyorgy checked, and Lakerveld overbet, 3.5 million. Then Gyorgy after the tiniest of hesitations jammed it in, to be immediately called. Gyorgy revealed K♠5 ♥ for trips, but Lakerveld had the best trips of all, holding A ♥ 5♣ . Simon Gyorgy - runner up Thus this incredible Grand Event was brought to its conclusion in fitting style with an epic cooler, Gyorgy departed €43,000 richer as runner up, and Daniel Lakerveld shipped the trophy, the €71,000 and the glory! Daniel Lakerveld - Malta Poker Festival Grand Event Champion 2022! We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here in the lovely land of Malta covering this series for you, and the vibe has been excellent throughout. Good weather, good people, and oh such good games! We'll be back to do it all again soon, and we hope you will too. In the meantime, if you'd like to touch base or hang out, do please connect with us over on the PokerDeals Discord channel. May the poker gods shine on you, and best of luck. by Lucky Luke

2 May

Malta Poker Festival Grand Event Day 2 Recap

Sunday 1st May saw an epic day of poker action at the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event as 273 became just 18 after a mammoth day of play here at the Portomaso Casino. A strong cohort of 73 PokerDeals patched players competing in the PokerDeals Last Longer made it to Day 2 . These have surprisingly been cut down to just two players standing , vying for who will win the free ticket to the next Malta Poker Festival Grand Event: Robert Lim & Federico Pizzazz They are also of course, more importantly, competing for some serious payouts, at the top of the pile is the glory prize itself, 1st place , rewarding €71,000 and of course, the Malta Poker Festival trophy ! Pawel Zawadowicz is the man to catch right now, leading by over 2 million chips with his stack of 7,820,000 in chips. Let's check in on how our PokerDeals Last Longer players and others were doing in the late-night action. We dropped in on the final six tables as they were rapidly slashed back to just three, across the late hours of Day 2 , and it didn't take long for us to witness some serious brutality. In fact we counted at least 17 eliminations across less than 90 minutes of play, in the final field of 45 players. That's pretty rapid, even for a Texas Hold'em tournament. Some of these spots were simply unavoidable of course, just your classic coolers. For a case in point we could look at the elimination of Cosimo de Gennaro at the hands of Jasper Van Moorsel . A simple matter of TT running into AA preflop, Big Blind vs. Button . Nothing to be done about it, and when the board ran out 9♠8 ♥ 3 ♥ 7♠ K ♦ there was no shame in this Italian's walk from the arena. Cosimo de Gennaro Another all-in hand we bore witness to featured the Daniel Lakerveid being despatched by PokerDeals Last Longer competitor Federico Cirillo , when Lakerveid's BB hand K ♥ 6 ♥ failed to get there all-in against Cirillo's K♠J♣ from the Button . Federico Cirillo Another all-in shove from a short stack was Nicolaj D'Antoni's K ♦ 7 ♦ getting it in against the A♠4♠ of the seemingly indestructible Pawel Zawadowicz , the board running out a hopeless 9♣J ♥ Q ♥ 6 ♦ 9 ♥ to secure Zawadowicz the win with just Ace high. Pawel Zawadowicz But there was worse to come, at least for PokerDeals patched player Paul Morris , who had the spot players live (and die) for, A ♥ A♣ in the Big Blind facing action when short-stacked. Who knows, he might have flatted against one, but when Jordan Dumas opens Cutoff and James Clarke decides to come along from the Small Blind , and you're sitting on well under 15bbs , a jam seems very acceptable, and that's just what Morris did. Paul Morris After consideration Dumas decided to stick around with Q♣J♣ , Clarke got out the way and the flop thundered down around Morris' head, 8 ♥ J♠J ♦ . The turn and river had nothing more to offer Morris as they fell an irrelevant 5 and 7 of ♠s . It's rough when you've grinded for days to get there, but it's all part of this game we love, and this is why we are in it for the long run! One other hand of note came from canny players Jason Shellum and Mantas Petrauskas as they negotiated a 3 ♥ 4♣6♠ 3 ♦ Q ♦ board. Petrauskas had bet all the way, and he didn't let up on the river, putting Shellum to a major question with his river bet of 600k . Shellum went deep into the tank. He was down there a while, he may have had an oxygen mask on. Eventually someone at the table called time on Shellum , and it was during that final minute of decision-making that he found the call, with, wait for it… AJ offsuit . And he was good, Petrauskas quickly mucking. "A hero call!” someone nearby remarked to him. "A hero read!” was his quick reply. We literally couldn't be more excited for Day 3 , the final day of this Grand Event today kicking off at 2pm, and a fascinating end to this highly competitive Grand Event . We'll have more coverage of the day coming out this evening on our PokerDeals Live Reporting page. Also if you'd like to see even more videos, photos and social interaction covering the event, please do join us on our PokerDeals Facebook Page !

2 May

Malta Poker Festival Grand Event Day 2 Updates

273 players returned to Day 2 of the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event today, all aimed at that final table, but all also aware of the bubble, with 151 players to be paid in this one. The event has seen a record 1,019 entrants, building a prize pool of over €480k, with a first prize of €71,000 to play for. Nemo Israel returns with the biggest stack, with no-one else across the six Day 1 flights able to amass the monster stack of 667k which he built on Day 1b. PokerDeals Last Longer participants were out in force, with 76 of the remaining players on Day 2 sporting PokerDeals patches. Blinds recommenced at 2,500/5,000 with a 5,000 BB ante , as the game kicked off at 2pm today. We took a tour of the poker room as the all-important bubble approached, with key hands going down left, right and centre. With just a handful of players left to be eliminated before the minimum cash of €1,100 kicked in, no-one wanted to go home now. Nonetheless, stacks were getting short, tempers arguably shorter, and the all-ins were coming thick and fast. After all, sometimes you just have to get it in! Heading into a short break one table remained running long into the 15-minute break. At it sat two players, side by side, seats two and three, alone with their thoughts, their chips and their dealer. These two had come into the pot as UTG and UTG+1 , in a 3bet pot. Now the whole board was out there, 4♠T♠4 ♦ , T ♥ , 2 ♥ , PokerDeals patch-wearer Stavros Tsakas had bet 70k and Gregory Luttke-Grech was deep in the tank. After several minutes he put his opponent all in. Now it was Tsakas' turn to tank, which he did for what felt like an age, before finally and clearly reluctantly folding. Leaping up to take the last minutes of his short break, Luttke-Grech gleefully tabled K ♦ Q ♥ for a stone-cold bluff. Stavros Tsakas Robert Lim, who came into Day 2 as the PokerDeals Last Longer participant with the biggest stack, was busy getting it in good against his opponents when we passed by. This time it really helped the whole field, as he casually eliminated Romain Nardin with his A ♥ K ♦ against Nardin's A ♦ Q♠, remarking, "I'm running good at the moment, lots of big hands!". Robert Lim Whilst another all-in went the way of the short stack, with Andras Halasi doubling with his A♣Q♠ against Yohann Girondin's K♣K ♥ when an Ace spiked the turn, over on an adjacent table an even more eye-popping hand was taking place, albeit not all-in. In a 550k pot with the board reading 3♠K ♦ 7♠ K♣ 2 ♦ , Paul Morris moved all-in on the river, for his last 220k . The Button, none other than Luttke-Grech once again, was deep in the tank. With dozens of staff, media and spectators who had drifted over during hand-for-hand observing, he talked himself into the call. The bad news came fast - Morris tabled A ♥ A♠ . Luttke-Grech mucked, but not before flashing his cards. Some swear he held A8o , but this reporter saw A3o , a Hero call either way! Paul Morris Minutes later there was much more drama at the same table. This time it was Stavros Tsakas again but up against Soner Vanelderen. The players got it in preflop, with things looking tame enough, with both tabling AK suited, Tsakas with diamonds, Vanelderen in spades. The flop brought both players a straight with T♠Q ♥ J ♦ , but the turn and river were to prove cruel , bringing as they did the 3♠ and then the killer for Tsakas , the 4♠ , eliciting a collective gasp from the room. A brutal way to exit indeed, and with just one more left to go out before the money. Soner Vanelderen The final hand was not far off, either. On a board of 5 ♥ 3♣8♠ Terje Bremseth, a well-known, affable and friendly member of the live poker scene, was all-in in the Cutoff , and he was called, by Ridvan Kilincaslan . Ridvan Kilincaslan Terje Bremseth tabled A♣K♠ , Kilincaslan replied by turning over 6♠6♣ and the T♣, 3♠ runout was no help to Bremseth who exited this one as the bubble boy. We're sure we'll see him smiling in many another live poker event, however! Terje Bremseth We'll be putting out a recap tomorrow at PokerDeals Live Reporting covering all the late-game action in this huge Day 2 . Also be sure to hit up the PokerDeals Facebook page for more coverage, video footage, and lots more photos of the day's action! by Lucky Luke Some images courtesy of MaltaPokerFestival.com

1 May

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