Suprema Review Reviews

Suprema Review

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  • Club-based


  • Soft splashy ring games
  • Heads up
  • 8max & 6max
  • High traffic across several formats
  • Soft PLO5


  • Limited SNG traffic

Why Should You Play at Suprema?


Suprema is a Latin American poker app, but accepts players more broadly globally. The action here is very active and splashy, with huge pots built in many hands. Let's take a closer look in our Suprema poker review.

The Suprema app runs on the same model as many others in the mobile poker app scene, offering free play and a series of clubs which you can join that offer private games.

Some of these clubs band together to share player pools, building much more active communities in doing so. There are a couple of very large clubs on Suprema, but PokerDeals keep active records on all the action on this and its competitor apps, and will always assist you on your hunt for the best games online.

PokerDeals has Suprema covered when it comes to finding the best games of whatever type you seek, and we stand ready to help you get signed up.

Simply drop us a message if you’d like to find out the best way to get in the games on Suprema and PokerDeals stand ready to help.

What games are available on Suprema?

Suprema ring game action is highly active across different game formats, including of course Hold’em, PLO and PLO5. Games run heads-up as well as in 6max and 8max formats. There’s Short Deck 6+ Hold’em as well as Open-face Chinese. What’s more, this app really has it all, running quite a lot of nice MTTs as well.

Finally, the less frequented games on the app are the SNGs and also Omaha Hi-Lo, with less action running.

Here’s the full line-up of what runs on Suprema:

  • No Limit Hold’em ring games
  • Pot Limit Omaha ring games
  • Pot Limit 5-card Omaha ring games
  • Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo ring games
  • Short Deck (6+) No Limit ring games
  • Open-face Chinese Poker
  • A good selection of MTTs on some clubs
  • Sit and Go games are also available
  • Games run heads-up, in 6max & 8max formats

What promotions are available at Suprema?

If there’s ever a special promo, exceptional club or big MTT on Suprema, we at PokerDeals are the first to know about it, and you’ll be the second.

Can I see my opponents’ statistics on Suprema?

Within the app itself Suprema reveals some data about your opponents, for example, the total VPIP for that player, and you can purchase VIP cards for access to more extensive data.

How do I get access to the best Suprema ring game action?

You need seek no further since PokerDeals has got it sorted for you. All you have to do next is drop us a line here at PokerDeals and you’ll be sitting at those wild tables in the next few moments, ready to win big!

There are options for PC available for apps such as Suprema, thanks to mobile phone emulators, but do note these are not officially supported.

How is the user interface of Suprema’s mobile app?

Suprema has a very well-designed and user-friendly interface for mobile, quite similar to some of its stronger competitors, and with the classic portrait play mode.

You can play up to four tables on one account with Suprema, although it can get a little hard to keep up when maxed out on tables, so set your own pace on this one!

Of course, the app also comes with many features for customization, including table layout, four-colour deck and lobby filters. 

How are the different poker clubs on Suprema?

Some of the clubs for Suprema are on the smaller side, but the action on all clubs including those in the bigger unions remains very good, and extremely busy, with a huge number of tables running at peak hours. Why not check out the games today?

How can I find out more about Suprema?

What are you waiting for? If you’re ready to jump in to these great games, drop us a message here at PokerDeals. We’re waiting to help you get off to the best possible start in your grind on Suprema.