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  • Unique site


  • Very soft games and appealing to newbies 
  • Fast and attractive software
  • Licensed & fully regulated – a safe place to play


  • Traffic is not up there with the major traditional sites 
  • Unibet has a table cap of eight tables maximum (and four if playing the lowest stakes)
  • HUD & third party software is not permitted in-game

Why Should You Play Poker at Unibet?

Unibet is full of casual poker players and is decidedly softer than most traditional poker rooms. With sufficient traffic to keep the cash games rolling around the clock and a nice design, this is a site worth adding to your line-up. Let’s tackle what there is to know about their poker room in our Unibet poker review.

Unibet is well-known as one of the most newbie-friendly poker sites out there, having made a number of steps recently to limit regulars at the games including allowing continual screen name changes for their players!

Boasting an established bookmaker, Unibet pulls some decent cash game traffic, and they also offer a range of satellites to their live events which take place around Europe.

We’re here at PokerDeals to get you set up with the best possible start at Unibet. 

How do I sign up to Unibet and get the best starting bonus?

Signing up as a new player takes just a few moments, simply follow the steps below.

What games are available on Unibet?

Unibet spread mostly No Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha, with cash games running up to $2/$4 USD. The PLO games in particular are very popular, with several running at once in these stakes. There is also a short-stack 10bb deep version of NLHE called Banzai Texas, where the rake is just 1%.

Unibet does run SNGs although these are not particularly huge volume-wise, and a decent MTT schedule with lower guarantees, as well as satellites to their live events. 

Finally, there is a format on Unibet called Hexapro, which is essentially their version of Spins. The difference with Hexapro is that if you do spin up a bigger jackpot guarantee, the blinds are extended, making it play rather deeper and more strategically, which can only be to the good when playing for a much bigger prize pool.

No Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha cash games up to $2/$4

NLHE variant Banzai Texas with 1% rake

Unique format called Hexapro, a version of Spins with extended blinds for bigger jackpots, promoting deeper, strategic play.

Popular PLO games with several tables running

MTT schedule with lower guarantees and satellites to live events.

SNGs available but with low volume

What promotions are available on Unibet?

Unibet has excellent promotions for new players including both a €20 free money bonus immediately deposited into a player’s account and a €200 playthrough bonus which is also easily cleared in play at the tables. 

Unibet also has a very unusual rakeback system, but one that is pretty good for all players, especially lower stakes players. This is essentially structured around challenges and missions which are given out to players in order to achieve player points which can be cashed in for real money later on. 

What is the rake on Unibet?

Unibet is so newbie-friendly that it actually does the opposite of most poker sites, and sets its lowest rake for the lowest stakes, with rake set to just 1% for NL4, and 3% for NL10. It does rise up to 6% for the highest stakes running, however, but with a permanent €3 cap up to the highest stakes.

Can I play on Unibet from my country?

Unibet accepts most countries in the world, other than the following: 


Flag of Afghanistan
Flag of Algeria
Flag of American Samoa
Flag of Angola
Flag of Australia
Flag of Bahamas
Flag of Botswana
Flag of Brazil
Flag of Bulgaria
Flag of Cambodia
Flag of China (People's Republic of China)
Flag of Colombia
Flag of Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
Flag of Costa Rica
Flag of Czech Republic
Flag of Denmark
Flag of Ecuador
Flag of Egypt
Flag of Eritrea
Flag of Estonia
Flag of Ethiopia
Flag of Faroe Islands
Flag of France
Flag of French Guiana
Flag of Ghana
Flag of Greece
Flag of Greenland
Flag of Guadeloupe
Flag of Guam
Flag of Guinea-Bissau
Flag of Haiti
Flag of Hong Kong
Flag of Iran, Islamic Republic of
Flag of Iraq
Flag of Italy
Flag of Jordan
Flag of Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Flag of Kuwait
Flag of Libya
Flag of Martinique
Flag of Mexico
Flag of Mongolia
Flag of Myanmar
Flag of Pakistan
Flag of Panama
Flag of Philippines
Flag of Portugal
Flag of Puerto Rico
Flag of Réunion
Flag of Russian Federation
Flag of Saint Martin
Flag of Samoa
Flag of Saudi Arabia
Flag of Singapore
Flag of Slovenia
Flag of Somalia
Flag of South Sudan
Flag of Spain
Flag of Sri Lanka
Flag of Sudan
Flag of Switzerland
Flag of Syrian Arab Republic
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago
Flag of Tunisia
Flag of Turkey
Flag of Turkmenistan
Flag of United States
Flag of US Minor Outlying Islands
Flag of Uzbekistan
Flag of Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Flag of Yemen
Flag of Zimbabwe

What deposit and withdrawal options are available?









Bank Transfer

What is the Unibet software like?

Unibet’s poker client for PC is very unique, and well-designed. Custom avatars have a 3D effect which is quite unusual, and tables are customizable in a range of ways. The lobby is very clearly laid out, with all games readily accessible in a few clicks. 

The Unibet management have taken a number of key decisions with their poker client in order to protect casual players and keep their poker ecosystem healthy and relatively fun, soft and reg-free. One of these measures is to ban not only HUDs but all third party software.

Another fairly unique option, rather than making play fully anonymous, is that Unibet has decided to allow every player to change their screen name up to 3 times per day, which has the same ultimate result, keeping players effectively unknown to one another. It is also not permitted to observe a table before joining the game. Even auto-rebuy is not permitted, which might seem odd but again is in this same casual-player supportive business policy.

Can you play Unibet on iOS and Android?
You can indeed play on Unibet via mobile, with their dedicated mobile app for smartphones. This app is very similar in layout to the PC version, and has the same fine features and user-friendly navigation. The Unibet poker app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.
What is it like to grind multiple poker tables on Unibet?
Multi-tabling works just fine on Unibet, but there is a table cap of eight tables at any one time, and four tables at once if playing NL4. That keeps the action a little bit softer, which is great.
How is the traffic on Unibet?
Traffic is not what you come to Unibet for, but that said the traffic is pretty solid in cash games regardless. More importantly, the action is great.
What is the MTT schedule like on Unibet?
Unibet hosts some nice €1k – €2k events around Europe, but when it comes to their online events the buy-ins tend to be a little more modest. Once again the player pools are full of casual players so the value is certainly there.
Which sponsored pros play for Unibet?
Unibet has a number of ambassadors, the most well-known of whom is probably Irishman David Lappin, whose best result so far came when he chopped the Full Tilt Espana Barcelona Event for €81,000.
Can you use a poker HUD on Unibet?
All HUDs and indeed all third party software are strictly banned on Unibet, keeping the games really good.
Are my funds safe on Unibet?
Unibet is fully licensed and a well-established player in a well-regulated industry. Moreover, they’ve gone beyond this with a voluntary registration with organizations promoting corporate responsibility in gambling such as the RGA. They were named Socially Responsible Operator of the year back in 2016 by the IGA.
What is the minimum deposit on Unibet?
The minimum deposit on Unibet is €30.
What else do I need to know about Unibet?
Unibet has a pretty huge and popular casino as well as a long-running sportsbook, which keeps the action in their poker client really nice and soft, and you often see some pretty huge pots at their cash tables, which is really where the heart of the action is at this site. Sign up today to get started, and good luck at the felt!

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