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  • BetConstruct Network
  • Variety of payments


  • Really unbelievably soft action across pretty much all games
  • Lots of freeroll events
  • VBET plays host to some pretty uncommon formats including Open Faced Chinese and non-poker gambling games of skill like Backgammon
  • Frequent overlays in MTT schedule


  • Limited site traffic
  • Small guarantees in MTT schedule
  • HUD use is not permitted

Why Should You Play Poker at VBET?

VBET is an up-and-coming poker site on quite a young network, BetConstruct, and this means the games are soft, soft, soft! You won’t find action like VBET’s on many online poker sites today. Let’s take a closer look in our VBET poker review.

VBET offers a fine range of games, including a nice MTT schedule which often overlays, almost on a daily basis, as well as plenty of NL Hold’em cash game action and also the very popular spins format we are seeing everywhere these days.

Something else to attract you to sign up to VBET is a nice €600 first deposit bonus up to 100% of your first deposit, which is very decent! This will surely help fill out that starting bankroll and get you ready for the higher stakes that much faster.

We know you’re keen to get your value bets (and your bluffs!) on at VBET!

How do I sign up to VBET and get the best starting bonus?

Signing up as a new player takes just a few moments, simply follow the steps below.

What games are available on VBET?

Here’s what you’ll find on VBET

No Limit Hold’em cash games run up to $1/$2

Nice MTT schedule with overlays

PLO and PLO5 are spread although action is limited

Spin Jackpot games – win up to 1,000x your entry cost

What promotions are available on VBET?

VBET offers reload bonuses from time to time and does a good line in freeroll tournaments. On top of that, there’s a very fine rakeback available at VBET, with up to 50% of your rake returned to you weekly. This is really world-class rakeback, and not to mention you can play it through against some of the weakest players out there! 

Can I play on VBET from my country?

VBET accepts players from countries all over the world, but if you’re based in one of these locations, you won’t be able to play on there:


Flag of Afghanistan
Flag of Albania
Flag of Antigua and Barbuda
Flag of Australia
Flag of Belgium
Flag of Bulgaria
Flag of Croatia
Flag of Cyprus
Flag of Czech Republic
Flag of Denmark
Flag of France
Flag of French Guiana
Flag of Greece
Flag of Guadeloupe
Flag of Hong Kong
Flag of Hungary
Flag of Iran, Islamic Republic of
Flag of Iraq
Flag of Ireland
Flag of Israel
Flag of Italy
Flag of Japan
Flag of Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Flag of Libya
Flag of Macao
Flag of Martinique
Flag of Mayotte
Flag of Montenegro
Flag of Myanmar
Flag of Netherlands
Flag of Philippines
Flag of Poland
Flag of Portugal
Flag of Romania
Flag of Russian Federation
Flag of Saudi Arabia
Flag of Serbia
Flag of Singapore
Flag of South Africa
Flag of Spain
Flag of Sudan
Flag of Switzerland
Flag of Syrian Arab Republic
Flag of Taiwan (Republic of China)
Flag of Turkey
Flag of Uganda
Flag of Ukraine
Flag of United Arab Emirates
Flag of United States
Flag of US Minor Outlying Islands
Flag of Vietnam
Flag of Yemen

Payment methods accepted on Betsson:










What is the VBET software like?

VBET has all the standard features you’d hope for in a modern poker client, as well as a very attractively laid out and clean-looking lobby, customizable table features and live chat support. The software feels responsive and fast, with no obvious glitches or issues experienced. There is also a nice tab view option where you can see a range of other games promoted.

One very unique thing about the VBET software is the pretty much unique feature of being able to play poker, Open-Faced Chinese and Backgammon all at exactly the same time – now that takes some heart! We know of very few real money Backgammon sites to begin with, let alone sites permitting all these varied game types. VBET certainly has an interesting business model, and great games running.

Does VBET have a dedicated mobile poker app?
There is not yet a dedicated mobile app available for VBET, but watch this space, we hear there’s one in the works.
What is it like to grind multiple poker tables on VBET?
VBET permits multi-tabling up to an incredible 24 tables, so there are absolutely no issues there for those of you who like to fire up a lot of tabs. Just bear in mind that since no HUDs are permitted on the site, you will need a lot more focus when it comes to observing your opponents’ play at the tables!
How is the traffic on VBET?
Traffic hasn’t really come to VBET in huge numbers as yet, but there’s enough action to get a grind going, and the lack of huge popularity of the site at this time does mean the action you find there is really very soft indeed. No sign of sharks here so far.
What is the MTT schedule like on VBET?
We can’t tell you that the guarantees are huge. We can’t tell you that you’ll be the new ElkY when you ship one of these. The headline event on Sunday is a €10,000 guaranteed, under the slogan “Better bring a bigger suitcase”. What can we tell you? The games are super soft, they really are. You will be able to beat them for a nice profit, and they often come with the added value of a guarantee overlay!
Can you use a poker HUD on VBET?
Helpful as they may be, there are no HUDs or third-party software permitted on VBET. Still, this is all part of their fun player-friendly business strategy, and again it does keep the action really quite special, which is probably worth more than any HUD stats. Just be sure to keep your eyes open for reads, as there are plenty of opportunities to exploit weaknesses in the field at VBET.
Are my funds safe on VBET?
VBET may be a young site when it comes to its poker offerings but it is indeed perfectly reliable, and also fully licensed and regulated. You can get on and play poker at VBET without concerning yourself about the status of your deposited funds, they are in good hands.
Can I play for free on VBET? What is the minimum deposit?
You can get into play money on VBET if you choose, or play one of the regular freerolls they have on offer there. But trust us, the real money action is good!
What sites are similar to VBET poker?
For a similar experience, we suggest you try Titan Poker or Betfair.
What else do I need to know about VBET?
VBET offers poker games, Backgammon and OFC. On top of this you can also place sports bets, as well as jump in a range of casino-type games. This tends to mean that some of these sports fans or slot machine players do drift over to the poker games at times to try their luck – making for even better action for the poker players at the tables! We know you’re ready for this site, the action is just so juicy.

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