Seven hours of play into the final table and only three of the nine remain in the WSOP Main Event, with Koray Aldemir leading by a huge margin, holding 264.6 million in chips, essentially 2/3rds of all the chips in play!

Bianchi was out first with a King-high straight no good against Oliver’s AK, and East followed shortly thereafter, getting in AJ against Holme’s pocket queens.

After this huge river call for his tourney life with pocket tens on a J9J83 runout in a 3bet pot, rapper Lococo was out in seventh for a $1.2 million payday, after which Park was the next to fall to Aldemir, in a blind vs. blind battle where Park’s pocket sevens fell to Aldemir’s AQ, and Secilmis was eliminated by the German’s pocket nines some few hands later.

A huge hand four-way saw Aldemir’s luck change gears for the evening as he over-called with his queens versus all-ins from Oliver and Remitio. Jack Oliver’s Jd9d saw him river a backdoor flush and get a huge triple-up to leave him with 77.3 million to play with on this final day of the WSOP Main Event. 

George Holmes is positioned in third with 57.4 million, and with blinds still at 800k / 1.6 million, that’s still a very respectable 35bbs. 

Aldemir certainly has the edge here but there’s really everything to play for tonight in this thrilling conclusion to the WSOP Main Event, as the three remaining battle it out for an incredible $5 million in remaining payjumps. 


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