Poker celebrity Doug Polk has done it again, and fired up Twitter like a party in a henhouse with his latest prop bet which avid wagerer Perkins picked him up on within a day of Polk Tweeting it out.

The original terms were toughened up by Perkins, however. Instead of Polk’s proposed challenge to lose 30% of his body fat within a year, Perkins upped the ante, insisting that Polk must lose a full 50% of his body fat within a year in order to win the bet.

This bet started off because Polk had himself measured up by a state-of-the-art machine known as the Dexa, and he was found to weigh in at exactly 27.7% body fat, a full 1.7% over the level considered to signify obesity in men. A healthy range is said to be anywhere between 6-25% for men, and 14-31% in women.

Polk will have his work cut out for him ranging down to under 13.85% body fat across the year ahead, but he’s determined to win this sizable prop bet - and is investing heavily in his own success, reportedly hiring a chef and nutritionist as well as a personal trainer.

Always a good sport, Polk also Tweeted this topless “Day Zero” photo which went down a storm on Twitter!

He claims that he’ll be posting Dexa updates monthly as he pursues his goal of becoming a lean, mean poker machine! Good luck Doug!

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