High Stakes Poker Gets Underway with action from DNegs & Dwan!

2 years ago

The inaugural episode of the new High Stakes Poker Season 9 did not disappoint, bringing an array of poker legends including Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson and Tom Dwan to the felt for some hearty 200/400 No Limit action!

Most players sat with the minimum, which at $100,000 equates to a very hearty 250bb deep, and there were certainly some interesting confrontations during this first HSP Season 9 broadcast.

The main brutality beset none other than Tom Dwan this first night, with a big QQ vs. AK all-in failing to go his way even when running it twice. He was scooped by James Bord for the entire $200,000 pot!

One of the standout moves of the night was made by none other than Kid Poker himself, Daniel Negreanu. Coming in with a very frisky open-raise from the Hijack with 6♦4♦ and making it 4bb to go, a fruity $1,600. Kim Hultman decides to stick around on the button with Q♣J♠, and Brunson comes in from the Big Blind as well with 9♥8♠.

The board comes down a monotone 6♠9♠T♠ and Negreanu quickly continues for $1,500. Hultman of course continues, and Doyle sticks around as well. With an As turn, Negreanu is checked to by Doyle and continues again for $5,500. Hultman makes the call and Brunson lays it down for a 6♥ to peel off on the river. With the pot now $21,900 on the river, Daniel starts to count out a big bet, and in the end puts $36,000 out there.

A very polarising overbet, Negreanu is mostly just representing the K♠ for flushes here, but could conceivably hold some houses or even quads sometimes. All of this certainly means that Hultman’s hand is really nothing more than a pure bluff-catcher in this spot.

Hultman does eventually lay it down, knowing that he needs to win the hand over 62% of the time to turn any profit against such a huge bet.

Showing that his 2022 game has plenty of fire, Negreanu stole the show this night, with Brunson and Ivey both making appearances but failing to get into any major pots.

Tune in this Friday at 8pm ET on PokerGO, and be sure to hop in the PokerDeals Discord to discuss all the latest action from High Stakes Poker!

Image courtesy of PokerGO.com

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