Koray Aldemir Lifts WSOP Main Event Trophy

2 years ago

The bookie’s favourite swept away the title and a life-shaking $8 million in prize money as he took down the world’s best-loved poker tournament, the WSOP Main Event.

Aldemir had been playing for nine days and surpassed 6,549 other players at the moment he took down the final pot against George Holmes and scooped the last of the 399 million chips in play.

Surely the adrenalin of lifting such a huge win and such a prestigious event, along with the massive payday was enough of a boost to see him through the gruelling hours of final table play, in which 223 hands were played out over two days!

Heading into the final day of play three-handed, Aldemir held 2/3rds of the chips in play at the start of the day. After three hours of intensely aggressive play, Holmes called off an 11bb shove from Jack Oliver with QJ, and turned a Jack to eliminate Jack Oliver, who held A8. Oliver took home $3 million for third place.

Despite his recreational status in poker, Holmes put up a fearsome battle heads-up, even taking the lead at one point, before the crucial hand, in which Aldemir started with a small chip lead.

On the final hand with blinds of 1.2m/2.4m, Holmes raised to 6 million with KQ and Aldemir called with T7. The flop came T72, and saw Aldemir check/raise Holme’s 6 million chip continuation bet, making it 19 million to go. Holmes called and the turn came the K. After a brief tank, Aldemir bet 36.5 million and Holmes called. The river was dealt, the 9, and Aldemir opted to check. Holmes didn’t take long to ship his stack in the middle for 133 million more, an overbet in fact.

Aldemir did think his options over for a good three minutes, but in the end he found the call, and tabled two pairs to ship the pot and the WSOP Main Event.

This young German is now catapulted to 31st in the all-time money list of poker tournament cashes, making him the 4th biggest casher amongst all German players. We’re sure we haven’t heard the last of this WSOP Main Event champion!

Image courtesy of PokerGO.com

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