Let’s Spin up a Huge 2022! Making Poker Resolutions

2 years ago

As the year winds to a close and we look ahead to 2022 I wanted to put down on paper my own poker resolutions for 2022, as well as some life resolutions, since the two go together somewhat when you’re playing at a professional level.

I hope these might help inspire you towards a fantastic 2022 as well. Happy New Year!

Note: the spirit of my own poker resolutions, as you’ll see below, is that with the right mindset we can achieve anything. Focus on being extraordinarily consistent with the mental state and behaviours you wish to foster for the year ahead. Don’t worry about results, they will take care of themselves once we establish the right attitude.

Here’s looking forward to a fantastic 2022!

Poker Resolutions

  1. Be at peace with variance. Since it’s built into poker, I know logically that it’s simply a part of the mechanics – unavoidable. Logically then, there’s no reason to let the swings associated with variance bother me (indeed, I’ll have positive variance as well as negative!).

Knowing, however, is different from living. Keeping deeply in touch with this truth on an intuitive level and genuinely, authentically having swings of fortune slide over me like water off a duck’s back, that’s my aim for 2022.

2. Play in balance always. This means having life set up in such a way that I choose to play an MTT session at an optimal frequency and in balance with all the other aspects of my life.

That includes my relationships with my family, with friends, my physical exercise routine, my time spent in nature, doing art, doing work that helps others… all these aspects which are so important to me, must have the right balance with time spent playing or studying, or coaching poker.

That balance might be elusive, it is of course always a challenge with any passion, and with any profession, to keep that work / life or calling / life balance in good shape. Doing so is the best way to sustainable, successful existence. That’s my aim for 2022.

Life Resolutions

I’m doing Dry January again. I’m also planning to restart my HIIT workout routine, daily from the same date, and go for a daily walk of at least 30 minutes.

I’m also changing my consumption. I’m planning to limit my meat consumption to red meat maximum once a week, white meat maximum once a week, and to cut down on fatty and processed foods.

It has been a crazy year and fun to write something more personal as well for you guys as we turn into a New Year full of new surprises and opportunities!

What are your resolutions for 2022?

We want to know about what you have planned both in and out of poker!

Let us know in our new Discord channel, which you are welcome to join!

Have a fantastic 2022, from all the team here at PokerDeals.

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