Mirko Mostaccio wins the Malta Poker Festival Autumn Edition

2 years ago

The champion has been crowned! Mirko Mostaccio has made his way into first place at the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event, taking home a hefty €136,670 for his efforts. He beat heads-up opponent Thomas Harnes after making a deal with €23,400 left to play for. Harnes walked away with a second-place prize of €97,330. Both players were part of the PokerDeals Last Longer competition, ultimately lasting the longest! This added some extra spice to their already amazing wins, with both players securing fantastic subscriptions from Deepsolver, as well as hoodies from Guts and caps from Betsafe and NordicBet. Mostaccio is also the recipient of the Last Longer First Place prize of a free buy in to the next edition of the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event! What a win!

 Malta Poker Festival Grand Event Winner Mirko Mostaccio

Malta Poker Festival Grand Event Winner Mirko Mostaccio

Final Table Action

Final table at the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event

It was a cracker of a final hand between Mostaccio and Harnes. Both players had great hands, so it was understandable that all the money went in preflop. Harnes limped from the button, and Mostaccio made it 1.5 million. With 8.5 million behind, Harnes jammed and was called by Mostaccio. The cards were flipped over.

Thomas Harnes: K J

Mirko Mostaccio: A Q

The flop produced a 9 2 A , all but securing Mostaccios win. The dead turn sealed Harnes’ fate and gave Mostaccio the title.

Final hand of the Malta Poker Festival Grand event

Well done to both players on a fantastic run at the Autumn Edition of the Malta Poker Festival!

The PokerDeals Last Longer Winners

Well done to all the players who made took home prizes in the last longer race. We were proud to have 8 out of the last 16 players left in the competition, and of course, the final two battling it out heads-up. The prizes were as follows:

Place Name Prize
1Mirko Mostaccio€550 Seat to Next MPF, NordicBet Cap, $99 Deepsolver Subscription
2Thomas HarnesBetsafe Cap, Guts Hoodie, $99 Deepsolver Subscription
3Stefan AlvetjärnGuts Hoodie, $99 Deepsolver Subscription
4Humberto GalindoGuts Hoodie, $99 Deepsolver Subscription
5Mike AlonsoGuts Hoodie, $99 Deepsolver Subscription
6Artūras BliūdžiusBetsson T-shirt, $99 Deepsolver Subscription
7Emanuele OnnisNordicBet T-shirt$99 Deepsolver Subscription
8Raimondo Marcello$99 Deepsolver Subscription
9Rimko Meijer$99 Deepsolver Subscription
10Ted Johansson$99 Deepsolver Subscription

Prizes of the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event

The top 143 players took home cash, but here are the prizes for the top ten places at the Malta Poker Festival Grand Event:

Place Player Prize
1Mirko Mostaccio€136,670*
2Thomas Harnes€97,330*
3Luigi D’Alterio€57,000
4Andrew Cutajar€35,000
5Glen Gaines€25,000
6Tobias Matuschek€18,000
7Alessandro La Cava€13,000
8Steven Smith€9,000
9Karl Metz€5,990
10Stefan Alvetjarn€4,330

*Heads-up deal where Mostaccio secured €113,270 and Harnes locked up €97,330. They played for the remaining €23,400.

And that’s a wrap for the Malta Poker Festival Autumn Edition. We’ll be back next time with more fun prizes and hopefully we’ll see you all at the tables!

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