PokerDeals Risk and Reward Primer

1 Dec

Every single decision you make at the poker tables boils down to risk and reward. It might not always seem that way, especially if you’re clicking buttons, but the fundamentals behind every choice do come down to this. How much do we stand to lose by making this play, and how much do we stand to gain? How often do we think each outcome will occur?

There is a very simple bit of mathematics which is key to answering these common questions in game, which can be used either in calling spots or raising spots, especially with regard to bluffing opportunities. 

Alongside a basic understanding of poker odds and outcomes, and a good ability to put your opponents on an appropriate range, this is really all you will need in the way of maths to start understanding and beating the game, and we’ll run over the details below. 

The Maths - Calling a Bet on the River

Whenever you are committing chips into a pot in poker, there’s some basic mathematics attending your actions. Let’s give a simple example.

You get to the river heads-up and the pot is $10. Your opponent is first to act and bets $10 into the $10 pot, making it $20 in the middle. You have to choose between calling $10, folding and of course raising

Let’s assume that in this case we think our opponent is either bluffing or has a big hand, and that we have a mid-strength value hand.

The question remains: should we call or fold? Let’s look first at the odds we are being laid by our opponent. When we call and lose, we are losing $10, that’s the amount we are risking. When we call and win, we are winning $20, the potential reward. Therefore we are getting direct odds of 2 : 1 on the call

How often do we need to be correct to break even on our call? It is quite simple to turn any ratio into a percentage, we simply divide the amount on the right-hand side (1) by the total of both sides in the ratio (2+1), so the answer is (1 / (2 + 1)) = ⅓ or 33.33%. If we win more often than this, we are making profit and our call is +EV (positive in equity value). 

We can see intuitively that this makes sense, since if we were to play this situation out thousands of times, and we lose $10 two thirds of the time and win $20 one third of the time, overall we will break even and neither lose nor win money. This is known as our break-even point.

If we believe, therefore, that our opponent is bluffing more often than a third of the time, we can comfortably make the call in this spot. Even if we lose the pot 60% of the time, we will still be making profit in the long run, if we played this spot out numerous times. 

For clarity, let’s consider a couple of different sizings. How often do we need our opponent to be bluffing for us to make profit on our bluff-catcher call if he’s bluffing with a half-pot sizing of $5? In this case we are calling $5 to win $15, and the direct odds are 3 : 1. The equation becomes 1 / (3 + 1) = ¼ or 25%. Now we only need to be correct 25% of the time in order to break even on the call, so if we think he is bluffing more often than ¼ of the time, we can make the call

Bear in mind that as villains bet smaller, it is often less likely that they are bluffing, especially in the lower stakes. To some extent you must trust your instincts, and when a bet smells like a value play, it often is!

If our opponent on the other hand over-pots it and bets $20 into the $10 pot, we will need to call $20 to potentially win $30, so the direct odds become 2 : 3. Now we must calculate our break-even point using the following maths: 2 / (3 + 2) = ⅖ or 40%. Now we must be confident our opponent is bluffing with a higher frequency in order for us to make the call

The Maths - Betting as a Bluff on the River

Let’s look at the same scenario in reverse, and imagine we are the villain who was betting full pot on this river. Let’s further imagine that we have nothing, and we are simply bluffing to try to take down the pot. How often does a $10 bluff into a $10 pot need to work in order to break even

Once again the maths is very simple. In this spot we are risking $10 for the chance to win $10. There’s no way to win any more than this, since we are bluffing and when called we will lose the pot. The direct odds are 1 : 1. In this case the maths needed to get a break-even percentage are even simpler, it is simply 1 / (1 + 1) = ½ or 50%. If the bluff works half the time, we will break even on our play in the long run. 

Let’s consider the bluff using different sizings. If we bluff half-pot, this would be $5 into a pot of $10. Now we only need the bluff to work with the following frequency to at least break even: 1 / (2 + 1) = ⅓ or 33.33%. Since we are risking less, the bluff needs to work less often to break even or to turn a profit. Bearing in mind of course smaller bluffs are generally prone to work less often. 

If we bluff an over-pot sizing, say $20 into the $10 pot, now we must use different inputs. We are risking twice as much as we stand to gain if the bluff works. Now the maths equates to 2 / (1 + 2) = ⅔ or 66.66%, so we need the bluff to work two thirds of the time just to break even

Whether we are considering a call vs. a polarized range (either bluffing or a very strong hand) or a bluff versus an opponent, the basic maths is the same, since it boils down to risk evaluated against reward. How much are we risking, how much is the reward, and how often do we think we will win or lose in the spot? 

These are the fundamental questions, and the basic maths behind them is always the same: risk divided by (risk + reward) = our break-even point. 

Why on the River?

We have used the examples above, situated on the river, for one very simple reason - no cards are left to come out on the board. This means that it is the final round of betting, and when we call or fold to that final bet, the hand is concluded. This means that we need only think about direct odds, the ratio we have given above which indicates the ratio between risk and reward

Look out for more PokerDeals Strategy Content coming soon, as we open our strategy section on! You can also join us on Discord with this awesome invite link. See you there!

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2 Dec
Winners of the Malta Poker Fest share their thoughts

The Inside Scoop on the Big Winners at the Malta Poker Fest

The autumn edition of the Malta Poker Festival ended on a high note with two fantastic players taking home some big prizes. Mirko Mostaccio was crowned the Grand Event winner , walking away with €136,670. In the CasinoCoin High Roller event , Gabriele Re bagged the win taking home €40,000. It was a fantastic tournament from start to finish, making it an event that poker players will definitely put in their calendars going forward. We caught up with the winners and got some insight into what they thought of the tournament, and what we can expect from them in the future. Mirko Mostaccio heads to Vegas The winner of the grand event at the Malta Poker Festival has big plans for his poker career. We had a chat with him to see how he felt after his big win. [PD] What did you like the most about the MPF, besides winning, of course? [MM] Besides the victory, I liked the whole organization of the tournament. Meeting old friends that I haven't seen for ages was also great. [PD] In your opinion what were the main factors that contributed to you winning the event? [MM] Just like in any live tournament, there are many factors that have to be intertwined, certainly a fundamental one was to study a lot before leaving for Malta. Then you put in 14 years of experience and a bit of luck. [PD] What does the win mean to you? How did it feel? [MM] The victory in this live tournament means a lot to me, given that I had always won large sums online but never had I managed to win such a large sum in a live event. [PD] What will you do with the money? [MM] I will certainly use a good part of it to continue playing, the rest I will dedicate to my family. [PD] Are you looking forward to your WPT experience? [MM] Yes, I can't wait! it will be my first time in Vegas, a dream come true. [PD] What's next for you? [MM] The next step is playing the WSOP this summer. Gabriele Re hunts for another trophy The winner of the CasinoCoin high roller event took home a hefty sum, and his first live event trophy. Here are some of his thoughts on his Malta Poker Fest journey. [PD] What did you like the most about the High Roller, besides winning, of course? [GR] If I'm honest, I didn't love the atmosphere of this event because I was late reg, and only started on day 2, but I liked the carelessness of the players. There was not too much stress in the High Roller, and all the players were more friendly. [PD] In your opinion what were the main factors that contributed to you winning the event? [GR] I think to win this tournament, I ran very well. I didn't play many showdowns preflop but the key hand was against YohViral where I check/jammed the river with a bluff (I turned 3rd pair in the bluff), and he called my bluff with the worst hand 🙈 [PD] What does the win mean to you? How did it feel? [GR] This win doesn't change anything in my life or my routine, but it's important because it's my first live win with a trophy 🏆🙃 so I'm really happy to have conquered it! [PD] What will you do with the money? [GR] I will not do anything in particular, just bankroll my poker journey and my life. [PD] What's next for you? [GR] I'm going to Rozvadov to play the Main Event of the WSOPE so I'm hunting for another trophy 💪🏻 Wishing these two amazing players all the best for their upcoming trips, Mirko to Vegas and Gabriel to Czech Republic. We hope to see them walk away with more titles under their belts! From the solid performances and great play, we can only expect great things from these two in the future. Good luck!

16 Nov
Gabriele re wins casinocoin high roller poker tournament

Gabriele Re is the CasinoCoin High Roller Winner

In what turned out to be an impressive field of 150 players (with re-entries), the CasinoCoin Cup High Roller finally crowned a winner in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Gabriele Re beat his heads-up opponent Renato Messina to lock up his first prize of €40,000. CasinoCoin High Roller winner, Gabriele Re Final Table at the Malta Poker Festival CasinoCoin High Roller Event The final table of the CasinoCoin High Roller event at the Malta Poker Festival It was a cracker of a final table with some well-known poker faces gracing the table. Johan Guilbert, better known as YoH ViraL is a Malta resident, and no stranger to the final table of big events. Re held it together, though, taking home the grand prize, as well as a trophy for his efforts. The prizes were as follows: Place Name Prize # 1 GABRIELE RE 40,000.00 # 2 RENATO MESSINA 26,000.00 # 3 JOHAN GUILBERT 18,000.00 # 4 KOENMEUTSTEGE 13,000.00 # 5 ANGELO VIETTI 9,100.00 # 6 EDVALDAS SKYRIUS 7,100.00 # 7 THOMAS LANGELAND 5,400.00 # 8 YOSSEF IFERGAN 4,500.00 # 9 CHRISTOPHER CALVERT 4,000.00 Renato Messina: Second Place YoH ViraL: Third Place Casino Coin Bounties Along with the amazing high roller prize money, players also had the opportunity to win 1 million CasinoCoin (CSC). CasinoCoin is a digital currency, developed specifically for the regulated gaming industry. Five players had big red casino coin stickers and carried bounties of 1 million CSC. It added an extra something tasty to the already prestigious tournament, giving players the chance to bag a little extra. All bounty players were eliminated on day one. Well done to all the players who took part in this awesome event. Let's hope the next Malta Poker Festival high roller attracts even more players for even juicier prizes! We'll see you at the tables, until next time.

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