Tilly Thrills & Chips Spill in High Stakes Poker Episode Five!

22 Mar

We came for High Stakes poker, and they didn’t disappoint. The star of the show has to have been Jennifer Tilly this time around, stirring up several massive $200,000+ pots and swinging wildly in her stack size as she did so.

The Godfather of Texas Hold’em himself, Doyle Brunson took a very weird line against Tilly and Patrik Antonius when he limp/called A8 in early position, with Tilly limping behind with the more respectable K♣7♣ and Antonius raising to $2,500 on the button with TT.

When the flop fell 4♠K2 all three players checked, and the turn came the J. Brunson checked to see a $3,000 bet from TIlly with top pair and a quick fold from Antonius, and that’s when things got weird. The Texan decided to raise with nothing, to $15,000, and follow up on the 3♠ river with a $26,000 bluff. Tilly wasn’t put off and called down with her top pair, meh kicker to take the $90k pot.

That wasn’t her hottest hand of the night however, as she was gifted a stack later that night, when prop player Krish Menon raised all-in over her flop bet of $15,000 on a 7K♠2 with a disconnected T♣9♣. His all-in was for a sizable $110,000, and Menon may have picked the right player to reraise, but just the very wrongest of moments, as he ran right into Tilly’s A♠K which scooped her a pot of $257,000 after the players agreed to run it twice.

It wasn’t all roses for TIlly that night as she did lose a stack to streamer Kim Hultman, after raising Dwan’s EP limp (what is it with the limps, guys?) with her KJ and getting called by Hultman on the button as well as Dwan. Tilly went for a bet/3bet line against Hultman’s raise of her continuation bet of the 92K flop, committing $50,000 by the time the turn card hit. 

The 4 might have looked like an action-killer to viewers, and whilst Tilly did find the check she could not roll over against Hultman’s $50,000 bet, nor could she find a fold when she made two pair on the J♠ river and faced an all-in for Hultman’s last $75,000. Sadly for the female poker pro, Hultman held 2♠2 for a set of deuces, meaning that he had just shipped the biggest pot of High Stakes Poker Season 9 so far, at her expense, for an eye-watering $367,200.

This episode of HSP certainly didn’t disappoint, and we’ll be on hand in the PokerDeals Discord to discuss these and many other hands to come. Why not join us there?


original images courtesy of PokerGO.com

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