Aggressive Tilly Shines in High Stakes Poker Episode Five

2 years ago

We came for High Stakes poker, and they didn’t disappoint. The star of the show has to have been Jennifer Tilly this time around, stirring up several massive $200,000+ pots and swinging wildly in her stack size as she did so.

The Godfather of Texas Hold’em himself, Doyle Brunson took a very weird line against Tilly and Patrik Antonius when he limp/called A♥8♦ in early position, with Tilly limping behind with the more respectable K♣7♣ and Antonius raising to $2,500 on the button with T♥T♦.

When the flop fell 4♠K♦2♦ all three players checked, and the turn came the J♥. Brunson checked to see a $3,000 bet from TIlly with top pair and a quick fold from Antonius, and that’s when things got weird. The Texan decided to raise with nothing, to $15,000, and follow up on the 3♠ river with a $26,000 bluff. Tilly wasn’t put off and called down with her top pair, meh kicker to take the $90k pot.

That wasn’t her hottest hand of the night however, as she was gifted a stack later that night, when prop player Krish Menon raised all-in over her flop bet of $15,000 on a 7♦K♠2♥ with a disconnected T♣9♣. His all-in was for a sizable $110,000, and Menon may have picked the right player to reraise, but just the very wrongest of moments, as he ran right into Tilly’s A♠K♦ which scooped her a pot of $257,000 after the players agreed to run it twice.

It wasn’t all roses for TIlly that night as she did lose a stack to streamer Kim Hultman, after raising Dwan’s EP limp (what is it with the limps, guys?) with her K♦J♥ and getting called by Hultman on the button as well as Dwan. Tilly went for a bet/3bet line against Hultman’s raise of her continuation bet of the 9♥2♦K♥ flop, committing $50,000 by the time the turn card hit.

The 4♥ might have looked like an action-killer to viewers, and whilst Tilly did find the check she could not roll over against Hultman’s $50,000 bet, nor could she find a fold when she made two pair on the J♠ river and faced an all-in for Hultman’s last $75,000. Sadly for the female poker pro, Hultman held 2♠2♥ for a set of deuces, meaning that he had just shipped the biggest pot of High Stakes Poker Season 9 so far, at her expense, for an eye-watering $367,200.

This episode of HSP certainly didn’t disappoint, and we’ll be on hand in the PokerDeals Discord to discuss these and many other hands to come. Why not join us there?

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