Mastering the Twister in Online Poker

5 months ago

Twister SNGs, otherwise known as Jackpot SNGs or Spin & Gos, are one of the most popular variations of sit & gos available at online poker rooms. However, despite their popularity, many players fail to understand basic strategic elements of the game. That’s why we’re here to help you improve your Twister gameplay and provide helpful tips that will get you mastering The Twister in no time.

What is Twister Poker?

For those of you who are new to the format, let’s break down exactly what Twister Poker is. It’s a fast-paced, three-handed sit & go where the prize is determined before the start of the game. Players start with around 25bb, and the blind levels increase at a rapid pace, meaning that it doesn’t take long before you get short-stacked.

The payout structure is winner-take-all, so there are no prizes for coming second. The only exception to this is when players hit the biggest prize pools, where the prize pool is split between either the top two or all three players.

Given that prizes are random, particular emphasis is placed on those with higher prize pools, and players often disregard games with the minimum prize pool, creating an opportunity for players to make a profit.

How much can you win playing Twister Poker?

The amount of money you can make playing Twister Poker will vary depending on the site you’re playing on, as each site offers different multipliers and jackpot prizes. For example, the biggest prize pools available at ChampionPoker are 1000x the buy-in, meaning that players who hit the jackpot on a $10 Twister SNG get to play for a prize pool worth $10,000!

However, the most common prize pool you’ll get when playing Twister Poker or any type of Jackpot SNG is 2x your money. While most players speed through these games as fast as they can to get to the big-money prize pools, there is plenty of money to be made grinding out the lower prize pool games.

In fact, some poker players specialise in Twister SNGs, earning a 5-8% ROI, which over a significant volume works out to a significant amount of money!

Twister Poker Strategy

So, if you want to make money playing Twister Poker and give yourself the best chance of walking away with the top prize when the jackpot comes around, make sure you follow our helpful tips below.

1. Play Conservatively Early On

This is particularly good advice for the 2x Twister SNGs; players will often shove randomly when playing the minimum prize pool games, giving you the opportunity to pick off their stack with a strong hand. So, play conservatively early on, and wait for the easy chips to make their way into your stack.

2. 3-bet Aggressively

Due to the 3-handed nature of the game, players will be raising aggressively to try and avoid bleeding chips. To counter this, you need to be 3-betting aggressively. You can expect players to fold the majority of the time to your 3-bet, adding a decent amount of chips to your stack while further crippling your opponents.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Shove

Twister Poker is a fast-paced game; you can’t sit around and wait for aces if you want to do well. Blinds increase quickly and it just takes a couple of levels for stacks to get short, so don’t be afraid to shove all-in, even with marginal hands.

If your opponents fold, then you get to pick up a decent amount of chips, and if they call, you’re likely in decent shape against their hand. Playing tight and waiting for the optimal shoving spot will cause you to bleed chips and by the time you find your double-up, it’ll be too late to save you.

4. Don’t Call With Speculative Hands

Stacks are short in Twister Poker, so the value of calling with speculative hands dramatically decreases, especially when out of position. Calling 2.5bb from your 20bb stack to try and flop a set or a flush is a bad idea, especially when the more aggressive option of 3-betting provides more value. You always want to be the aggressor whenever possible when playing Twister Poker, so stop calling with marginal hands and start playing them aggressively!

Why Is Twister Poker So Popular?

Twister Poker is a popular format amongst recreational and experienced players thanks to its fast-paced format and potential for huge prizes. It rewards players for playing skillfully, yet still has enough of a luck element in the prize selection that recreationals still have a chance to win big.

The random prize element makes the game much more appealing than traditional SNGs, which often have a limited prize pool. In a sense, it combines the fast-paced action of SNGs with the huge potential returns of MTTs, creating the ultimate tournament format.

Where Can I Play Twister Poker?

A number of online casinos offer a variety of Twister Poker, including ChampionPoker. They have a selection of Twister Poker games from as little as €1, all the way up to €100. There are seven different levels of Twister Poker to play, so players of all bankrolls can join in the fun.

Plus, with a potential maximum prize pool of 1000x, there are huge prizes to be won!


Twister Poker is a fun and exciting game that has a number of strategy elements to consider. It’s important that you play aggressively to gain chips and keep momentum, as the fast-paced nature of the format makes it hard to make a comeback.

We think that Twister Poker is only going to increase in popularity on sites like ChampionPoker over the next few years, so make sure you use our strategy tips to your advantage!

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