The Pokerstars UKIPT was back in London with a bang this month, and the £1,100 Main Event saw a really healthy turnout with 645 entrants over the course of three epic day 1s, putting together a prize pool of over £690,000.

The beloved venue, the London Hippodrome played host to the stellar event, and was thronged with buzzing poker action for days in a schedule which featured a £2k High Roller, a Ladies Event and more. 

In the end it was British poker player James Rann who would take down the £86,568 first prize (negotiated after a three-way ICM chop left around £8k to play for), defeating Lithuanian Lukas Dimsa heads-up to secure the victory. 

How the Action Went Down

Rann came into three-handed play with the short stack, but by name, he 'rann' good when it counted and took down the event! The conclusive hand saw a limped pot preflop, with Dimsa checking back against Rann’s limp and blinds up at an eye-watering 125k / 250k with a 250k bb ante

The players looked up to see a flop of 963 confronting them. Both seemed to like it as Rann bet at it for 250k following Dimsa’s check, only to see Dimsa check-raise to 800k

Rann called to see a 6 fall on the turn, and Dimsa continued for a valiant 1.6 million chips. Rann stuck around and the 3♣ fell on the river, at which Dimsa slowed his roll and checked it. 

For Rann this was the signal to go all-in with his last 3.6 million and Dimsa audibly sighed before calling off. Dimsa showed down 74 for a flopped baby flush, but Rann had the A♠6♠, meaning that he had hit runner, runner to achieve a full house, sixes backed with threes. 

This must have been soul-crushing for Dimsa after that flop had him at 97% to win the hand.

An epic hand to conclude an epic poker tournament, and much fun was had by all (even the losers!)

2022 UKIPT Main Event Results 

1James RannUnited Kingdom£86,569
2Lukas DimsaLithuania£80,282
3Rickie VedharaUnited Kingdom£80,204
4Joshua BoultonUnited Kingdom£40,960
5Alexios ZervosGreece£31,511
6Julien SitbonFrance£24,242
7Kully SidhuUnited Kingdom$18,644
8Lorenc BociAlbania£14,341
9Antoine SaoutFrance£11,028

Rann, Dimsa and Vedhara agreed to an ICM deal. The winner played for the title and £8,732.

We look forward to many more amazing stops on the UKIPT Regional Tour!

If you’d like to read more about what Pokerstars offer in their awesome online selection of games, check out our PokerDeals review.


Image thanks to Pokerstars and Danny Maxwell

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